Remember not me but my words…..

In life, the toughest thing is to accept rejection. Rejection is always hurting but we are humans and we tend to lose because every day is not our day sometimes it may be someone else’s day. No matter how hard you try to elucidate your pain to anyone else but no one can understand it better then you but I believe that in the journey of reaching our destiny we must enjoy where we are . Remember there will be the person who on losing you breaks apart but if you smile only then that person will smile because you have made memories remember one day you will leave this world and you can’t take anything with you except those memories which you have made. So the which you can carry with you forever make it sweeter. My dear sister be that tortoise which needs thousands of pounds of weight to break it and be that lioness that rules the jungle or be the earth that tolerates everything but the more you tolerate the more you will be pushed down so be a shell in your hard times and be a lioness when you face difficulties.

born JAN 3 1999 ,